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World class, reliable renewable energy back-up systems that Generate More, Perform Better and Stand the Test of Time. For plenty of power, done right the first time. Guaranteed!

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Are you fed up with Out of Control electric utility bills?  How many years has your enterprise been investing in electrical utility grid infrastructure with nothing to show for it?  Stop the nonsense, enough is enough!!!


NOW is your opportunity to take control of your plants longer term financial interests.

  • Are you looking for ways to improve your bottom line?
  • Why are you paying more over time for less control?
  • What are the longer term savings your plant is missing by not acting today?

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. Can Help

The fossil fuel industry, electrical utilities, and the status quo are working hard to keep your plant dependent.  Now is the perfect time to rethink how you want to shape and protect your plants financial future. 

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. Solar + Energy Storage Systems for industrial applications offer the flexibility to be transported to different sites, making your corporate enterprise asset investment even more valuable.

Taking control of operational costs and longer term financial interests gives you peace of mind and a sense of calm over your plants financial future.

With everything that’s happening (and not happening) around the world, who knows where things are going?  All you are really left with is to take control of what you can to ensure your enterprises longer term financial viability.

That’s where we come in.  As Solar + Energy Storage Leaders for nearly 40 years, our SolariQ™ Advanced Design Service ensures your energy system is done right the first time and in the best way possible without ongoing problems, hassle or aggravation. 

When it comes to Industrial Solar + Energy Storage Systems, the numbers speak for themselves.  Between accelerated write-offs, increased property values and reduced expenses, investing in a Solar Solutions Canada Inc. Solar + Energy Storage System is simple math… and we will show you how.

Our SolariQ™ Advanced Design Service ensures your industrial energy system generates more, performs better and lasts longer. 

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Plus there’s the Accelerated Write-Off, if you qualify you could have huge tax incentives and savings.

(Your CFO will love you and the cashflow too!)



What is it really costing you and your business to remain dependent on centralized electrical utility infrastructure?

Taking control of your longer term financial interests gives you peace of mind and a sense of calm over your businesses financial future because you’ve taken the steps necessary to be prepared!

With everything that’s happening (and not happening) around the world, who knows where things are going? All you are really left with is to take control of as much as you can to ensure your businesses longer term financial viability.

That’s where we come in.

The fossil fuel industry, electrical utilities, and the status quo are working hard to keep businesses and industries dependent. NOW is the perfect time to think how you want to shape and protect your businesses financial and energy future.

When it comes to Commercial Solar + Energy Storage Systems, the numbers speak for themselves. Between accelerated write-offs, solar subsidies and increased property value, investing in a Solar Solutions Canada Inc. Solar + Energy Storage System makes perfect sense… and we will show you how.


Commercial Roof Top – 86Kw

Largest 3 Phase Commercial rooftop PV grid-tied system in the province of Manitoba at 86kW designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Solar Solutions Canada Inc.

Unleashing Solar Potential: Manitoba’s Largest Commercial Rooftop PV System

Discover the best of solar energy innovation with Solar Solutions Canada Inc.’s largest 3-phase commercial rooftop PV grid-tied system in Manitoba, with an impressive 86kW capacity. This commercial project showcases the great potential to harness the power of the sun to offset electric utility bills for the building owner.


See what our customers are saying.


If you want a solar system that works the first time, buy it from Solar Solutions Canada Inc. Looking back, Tim’s knowledge of solar energy far surpasses the other two companies we spoke with. His service work is also excellent. He comes out when he says he will and fixes the problem.

Allan & Janet Fast / Business Owners / Winnipeg, Manitoba


11 years ago, my wife and I bought an island on Lake of the Woods. The island already had a Solar Solutions system on it which the former owner had installed about 10 years before that. So our system has been in operation for over 20 years! Our solar modules are original and we have since upgraded our inverter and batteries. Tim has done a great job providing service and educating us about solar and we highly recommend Solar Solutions to take care of your solar needs!

Robert Dyck / Business Owner Steinbach, Manitoba / Client since 2002


“I was skeptical about solar panels at first, but after doing some research, I decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! My energy bills have decreased significantly, and I feel good knowing that I am doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint. It’s a win for me and the planet.”

Sarah T. / Happy Customer

How Can SolariQ™ Advanced Design Help You?

Done right the first time.

Like all systems, the lowest denominator is the weakest link. When it comes to solar system design, supply and installation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  When it comes to large investments that you rely on over the long term, why risk compromising your investment?

Too often, people end up having to redo their original solar + energy storage system only a few years after installation.   We call the result “landfill solar”.   Other times, people simply don’t know what they are missing.

Why does this happen?

One of the biggest problems we see causing energy and power failure is a result of poorly designed systems with cheaper solutions that seem to look good. The real problem is most people do not understand how much energy they need and how best to meet their demand.   Many people come to us saying, ‘I don’t use a lot of energy, we only need to power some lights and a few appliances.’  When people gloss over these critical factors, we understand their fear that an appropriately sized and designed energy system might be outside their intended budget.  

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the calculations for what it will take to generate the power you need to operate reliably for decades of hassle-free service.  The brutal truth is that numbers don’t lie. You are far better off biting the bullet with high quality long life products and services that do it right the first time and meet your energy demands.  It’s much better than continuously doing it over to meet budget objectives that undermine your end result and paying much more over the long term.  Never mind the hassle and aggravation you avoid.

That’s why it’s important to have your energy system designed by a company with decades of specialized field experience because that’s what’s necessary for sustainable and reliable renewable energy system design.

SolariQ™ Expert Design Process.

That’s also why we created our SolariQ™ Expert Design Process.  When it comes to designing solar + energy storage systems that stand the test of time, there is only one best way to do it, and that’s got to be the first time!  With the help of experienced and trained professionals who understand your needs and the many nuances of good solar + energy storage system design we make owning a reliable and robust, professionally designed, supplied and installed renewable energy system simple and risk-free.

Imagine owning a battery-based renewable energy system that increases your property’s value, protecting you from power outages and escalating utility rates. Both enhance your independence and leave a legacy of sustainability and generational wealth building.  If you’ve read this far, you probably value your time, want to add value to your property, protect your home or business from rising utility rates and create a sustainable legacy for the next generation.  If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We got into solar + energy storage over 37 years ago, way before it was cool!:)  We pioneered the way with solar, first with remote cottage projects at Lake of the Woods and later by commercial and industrial applications like the international airport landing strip lighting project at Zurich, Switzerland.   

Back then, we could see what fossil fuels and resource depletion were doing to our air and our planet. Our mission has always been for solar to overtake the use of fossil fuels and centrally controlled energy, to promote independent and distributed energy and to help fast forward the energy transition to electrification.  It’s important to help people realize their dream of safe, clean, quiet, robust and reliable renewable energy that helps build a sustainable world for future generations.


For Nearly 4 Decades…

…we have helped thousands of people, businesses and industries achieve the long term benefits that solar + energy storage systems have to offer.  Over the years we powered medical training facilities in the fight against AIDS and remote community water pumping projects in Africa, provided training to renewable energy business owners in the mountain jungles and islands of Indonesia and powered climate research stations in the Arctic and Antarctica.  

Taking his knowledge, solar innovation and renewable industry leadership to the furthest reaches of the globe, our founder and President, Tim Yusishen personally pioneered many of the solar industries firsts.  Working closely with the battery industry, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. made recommendations to improve battery technology to better suit the needs of the growing number of solar enthusiasts everywhere.  The initial response by battery manufacturers was “Do you really think there is a big enough solar market to warrant these changes to our batteries? “  Of course there was, and the rest is history!  Today, the solar battery market represents a significant portion of battery sales worldwide.

Over the years, Tim’s technological leadership created multiple industry breakthroughs including the use of LED technology in street crossing signals, now standard around the world.  Innovative tiered water pumping system design led to remote water pumping projects from depths never before realized in the world.  This innovation matters since in many developing and remote regions around the world, higher water tables are contaminated and unfit for consumption.

More recently Solar Solutions Canada Inc. brought solar to remote First Nation communities in northern Manitoba.

Community Health Centres Grid Tie

Our goal…

…has always been to generate safe, clean, quiet and reliable renewable energy with high quality, long life, one time buys.

We take you through our SolariQ™ Expert Design Process to create the best fit solution that matches your energy needs, property and budget because when solar + energy storage is done correctly, every system is unique.

We offer the promise of safe, clean, quiet, reliable and robust renewable energy at low cost of ownership and with technical support for life.

Your SolariQ™ Expert Design gives you the confidence of knowing that your energy system was done right the first time, that it stood the test of time, increasing your properties value while serving both your financial interests and the interests of future enterprise energy needs.  Your SolariQ™ Design saves you money, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, conserving resources while enhancing energy independence and security at low cost of ownership and without risk or hassle.

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