About Us

Central North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy systems.

About us

With nearly 40 years in the solar energy business, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. is a pioneer in renewable energy system design, manufacture and distribution.

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. designs and distributes a comprehensive line of renewable energy systems and products for commercial, industrial, architectural and institutional applications in a cost-effective and service oriented manner.

Where it all started

Our beginnings are rooted in designing, manufacturing and distributing reliable and cost-effective off-grid renewable energy systems to thousands of clients locally, across Canada, and around the world.  In 1987, the idea of creating solar solutions to help move away from fossil fuel dependency and resource depletion and toward conservation and sustainability was realized.  Despite originating in a locale with some of the lowest electricity rates in the world, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada introduced renewable technology to local, regional and international markets. The creation of Solar Solutions Canada Inc. was an acknowledgment that we need to do things differently.

Our Values

Everything is connected. Here at Solar Solutions Canada Inc. we know that renewable energy, and more specifically, solar energy is part of the answer to our world’s energy crisis, increasing energy costs and to global warming. Because of its widespread availability, solar energy is the best single source of energy available on the planet today. As the earth’s primary source of energy, the sun’s energy is free, abundant, accessible to everyone and clean. At Solar Solutions Canada Inc. we help you capture that energy and give your project clean, green, reliable and independent power making the difference you want to see.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is that we treat your project like our own. When value and return are important, our commitment delivers. Whether large or small, local or international, your project receives the best that technology and innovation have to offer. Our unique combination of knowledge, experience and commitment ensures that your project achieves the most advanced, productive, reliable and cost-effective outcome possible.

Our Tenets…

Our Impact

Join our global community of clients, team members, partners, and business associates choosing to move away from a fossil fuel dependent society and toward a clean, green, sustainable future.

No one raindrop ever thinks they are the cause of the flood. Nor do they believe they are part of the solution! Don’t be a raindrop!:) Join thousands of clients everywhere choosing to own a renewable, sustainable and distributed energy future. 

Become part of Solar Solutions Canada community of renewable, sustainable and distributed energy leaders and action takers.

Our People & Future

For over 37 years, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. has been at the forefront of renewable energy technology, building a solid reputation of quality, service and innovative leadership. As a family, Canadian and locally owned business, our core values remain unchanged. 

Together, our team, customers and vendors bring projects to life, building the road to a sustainable future one happy customer at a time.  Our vision for the future builds on our past leadership bringing solar technology to another level making it easier, simpler and even more cost effective to incorporate into our everyday lives.

Our Clients

At Solar Solutions Canada Inc., our clients want reliable and cost effective energy independence. Each year, Solar Solutions Canada Inc. designs and supplies products and systems for thousands of clients locally and around the world. Whether meeting the energy demands of remote industrial sites, community water pumping sources, medical facilities in Africa or research facilities in the Arctic, we meet the needs of clients everywhere.

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