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Solar Solutions Canada is a pioneer in renewable energy system design, manufacture and distribution with nearly four decades of solar energy industry leadership .

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Lac Brochet, Mb

  • 286kW community microgrid solar PV system
  • 170 households, 728 residents
  • supply & install contract awarded to SSCI in 2020
  • Transformative Re-Design

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. played a pivotal role in the transformation of Lac Brochet’s landmark solar PV microgrid in Manitoba.

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. spearheaded an energy system re-design significantly reducing the overall capital investment while increasing project reliability and viability.

This uncontracted re-design demonstrates Solar Solutions Canada’s expertise and commitment to solar photo-voltaic transformation. This serves as a reminder of the essential role of expert design in capital intensive project development.

Design-Build projects by experts with decades of field experience prevent unrecognized design flaws, unoptimized opportunities, project cost overruns and less than ideal outcomes.

Creating Solutions for a Better Future

The result is a significant achievement – the largest solar photo-voltaic microgrid in Canada at the time, reducing GHG emissions from fuel generators by approximately 30%.

Although a step in the right direction, in the bigger picture, there remains much more work to do to further reduce GHG emissions in remote northern communities across Canada.

Do we as a country, have the will to do what is necessary to take responsiblity for remote northern community GHG emissions? That is the question.

Commercial Roof Top – 86Kw

Largest 3 Phase Commercial rooftop PV grid-tied system in the province of Manitoba at 86kW designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Solar Solutions Canada Inc.

Unleashing Solar Potential: Manitoba’s Largest Commercial Rooftop PV System

Discover solar energy innovation with Solar Solutions Canada Inc.’s groundbreaking achievement—the largest 3-phase commercial rooftop PV grid-tied system in Manitoba, with an impressive 86kW capacity. This project moved the province’s renewable energy landscape forward, showcasing the potential of harnessing the power of the sun.

Red River College

  • Largest Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) initiative in Canada (2004)
  • 5th place in the prestigious World Environment Building Competition held in Oslo, Norway

Solar Solutions Canada Inc..

  • Solar Array (BIPV) 12.6kW consisting of 133 solar electric modules integrated in the glazed curtain wall that forms the building envelope.
  • solar cells laminated between glass layers are incorporated into the high performance sealed glazing units of the building’s curtain wall system.
  • as a demonstration project the electrical equipment is visibly showcased in a student hallway for educational purposes.
  • The BIPV generates power, acts as part of the building envelope protecting people from the elements, and provides interior shading from south exposure solar glare.

Creating Solutions for a Better Future

Originally located in a brownfield designated area, this world class project integrates advanced technology, industry leading innovation and multi-functional purposing.

Over the course of several years, Tim Yusishen of Solar Solutions Canada Inc. worked with a team of architects and other professionals to educate and help move technology forward.

The result is a beautifully architecturally aligned and significant achievement – the largest solar BIPV project in Canada at the time .

Silver’s Residential Rooftop

The Silver’s wanted a solar pv energy system. The builder of their signature residence asked Solar Solutions Canada to incorporate a solar pv project into their newly constructed year round vacation home.

This application of solar pv became evident by the available solar exposure of a curved roofline. When solar projects are integral to architectural design that’s when the stars align with amazing results!

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. works closely with property owners, architects, builders and developers to enhance the solar pv potential of your site.

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. in Africa

  • 12 Remote Community water pumping projects in Ghana & Nigeria
  • Powering 2 university training facilities in Nigeria for doctors and nurses in the fight against AIDS
  • Powering 27 police stations in remote and rural Liberia

Solar Solutions Canada: Powering Ghana’s Growth with Record-breaking Solar Water Pumping Projects

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. was contracted for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of large scale solar water pumping systems at 12 sites in Ghana & Nigeria, Africa. Despite inherent logistical and environmental challenges, Solar Solutions working closely with Wardrop Engineering, was successful in exceeding previous world records for the amount of cubic metres of water pumped per day by these systems. These projects stand as Canada’s largest exported solar water pumping projects.

Empowering Communities in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia with Remote Solar-Powered Water Pumping and Energy Solutions

Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™ led the way to transforming access to clean water and sustainable energy in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.

Through their innovative projects, they successfully implemented community water pumping systems in Nigeria and Ghana, and provided vital support to doctors and nurses in the fight against AIDS.

Originally contracted by CIDA (former Canadian International Development Agency) on behalf of all Canadians, Solar Solutions Canada made a significant impact in remote sub-saharan regions of Africa.

In 2018, Solar Solutions powered 27 police stations in remote and rural areas of Liberia, ensuring safety and security for the region.

First Nations Health Center 2013

  • 21kW 3PH-600VAC output
  • Exhibiting 15-20% greater annual power production than traditional systems in cold climates

First Nations Band Office 2014

Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™ deploys Manitoba’s largest utility grid-tie PV systems for First Nation’s community using advanced module power electronics (21kW 3PH-600VAC output) exhibiting 15-20% greater annual power production than traditional systems in cold climates.

21kW Grid tie First Nations Band Office

Lower Fort Garry Commercial Atrium

  • Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site
  • Design/supply/install + commission

Design/supply/install + commission North America’s first utility grid-tied building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) atrium using laser etched semi-transparent amorphous silicon glass/glass PV modules for the federal government of Canada’s historic Lower Fort Garry site facility located in Manitoba Canada.

Cutting Edge Architectural Solar PV Integration

Spearheaded by the federal government of Canada, this historic site facility features an awe-inspiring commercial atrium adorned with laser-etched semi-transparent amorphous silicon glass/glass PV modules. Harnessing the power of the sun, this innovative design offers a stunning blend of heritage and renewable energy, setting a new standard for sustainable architecture across the continent.

Sioux Narrows Interpretive Centre

  • 10kW Building
  • Canada’s 1st Integrated Photovoltaic + Heat (BIPV+H) Energy System
  • Tourism Facility, Sioux Narrows, Ontario

Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™ carries out Canada’s first Building Integrated Photovoltaic + Heat (BIPV+H) system on a vertical south facing wall. This multi-functional 10kW utility grid-tied Micro-Fit system provides HVAC Preheat + Power + wall cladding at elevated efficiencies.


Solar BIPV Design/Supply/Install + commissioned by Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™

This spectacular facility is the Sioux Narrows, Ontario provincial Interpretive Center for Sport Fishing and Tourism.

Solar Solutions Canada Inc. leads the industry with multiple chemistries for small, medium and MW energy storage systems for peak-demand shaving and grid-tie with back-up PV power systems.

Remote First Nation Youth Camp

Design, Supply, Construct, Commission by Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™. Youth Camp Lodge at 4,000SF and six bunkhouses at 8,000SF, totalling over 12,000SF and accommodations for 35 youth and staff.

  • Design, Supply, Construct, Commission of Solar Electric and Energy Storage System.
  • Over 12,000SF building footprint.
  • Accommodations for 35 youth and staff.

Manitoba Remote Lodge

  • 12kW 120/240VAC output
  • 121kWh energy storage
  • Using existing 30kW diesel generator as emergency back up

Solar Solutions Canada Inc.™ designed, supplied, constructed, and commissioned the solar pv with energy storage system for the lodge and five outbuildings. Privately owned Year Round Fly-In Fishing Lodge.

Sustainable Wilderness Haven

The 8,000SF lodge combined with 5 guest cabins at 1,000SF each total 13,000SF. It has 12kW 120/240 VAC output, 121kWh energy storage using existing 25kW diesel generator as emergency backup.


You may have heard that designing solar energy systems is not rocket science.  In practice, it can take years to learn the fundamental and long term principles of good solar design. It’s simply not as easy as some people pitch it to be.  The real test is the outcome which takes years to fully appreciate. Testimonials from our customers whose systems have operated for twenty and thirty years or more are testament to the robustness and resiliency of our designs, products and services.


If you want a solar system that works the first time, buy it from Solar Solutions. Looking back, Tim’s knowledge of solar energy far surpasses the other two companies we spoke with. His service work is also excellent. He comes out when he says he will and fixes the problem.

Allan & Janet Fast / Business Owners / Winnipeg, Manitoba


11 years ago, my wife and I bought an island on Lake of the Woods. The island already had a Solar Solutions system on it which the former owner had installed about 10 years before that. So our system has been in operation for over 20 years! Our solar modules are original and we have since upgraded our inverter and batteries. Tim has done a great job providing service and educating us about solar and we highly recommend Solar Solutions to take care of your solar needs!

Robert Dyck / Business Owner Steinbach, Manitoba / Client since 2002


“I was skeptical about solar panels at first, but after doing some research, I decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! My energy bills have decreased significantly, and I feel good knowing that I am doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint. It’s a win for me and the planet.”

Sarah T. / Happy Customer

Putting People and the Environment First™

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