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“I inherited the solar power system at our camp 13 years ago with very little information to go on.  After several years, I found the batteries didn’t seem to be holding power very well. I talked with the folks at Solar Solutions Canada Inc. and found that the batteries were only a couple years old at the time. They showed me how to equalize the battery bank and the performance improved dramatically. I checked online and found that most seemed to be getting 7-8 years of life out of their battery banks. So, when our batteries finally started failing after 14 years of use, it was a no-brainer to replace them with another set of the same from Solar Solutions Canada Inc.

Our camp typically accommodates 25 people in July and August and numerous other weekends in spring, fall and winter.

Investing in a professionally designed solar energy and storage system that prolongs the life of the energy storage system makes good sense to us, both from an environmental standpoint and our pocketbook.”

Gord Klassen
Inner City Youth Alive

“Over the years we have always received stellar service from SSCI.  They always answered our calls and gave us helpful information.  It is great to know we can count on their helpfulness, professionalism and technical expertise.  That’s why we came back after 27 years!”

Hugh Penwarden & Helen Strocker
Clients for 27 YEARS!

“Solar Solutions originally installed a remote stand-alone solar electric system on our island back in 1997 and because we were so satisfied with the experience and results, we decided to upgrade our system in 2009 in order to operate additional appliances. Our system has performed well beyond our expectations and while we have a small stand-by generator, it hardly runs unless we have our entire family with us and experience days of cloudy weather. I must say that we could not be happier with the level of professionalism, service and product quality that has been provided. When we decided to go solar, we weren’t sure about what company to go with. Tim made himself available to answer any questions we had and was very gracious in all dealings. We have only good things to say about Solar Solutions as their business practices, product quality, service, and knowledge base are second to none. I personally highly recommend them to anyone interested in making sure they get value for their investment. Our family couldn’t be happier with the ability to enjoy the peace and quiet during our times at the lake! Many thanks to Tim and the rest of the crew at Solar Solutions!”

Buzz Marvin & family
Retired business owner
Fargo, ND
Client since 1997

“My wife and I purchased the Sun Mar Excel Electric composter from Solar Solutions back in 2007. We were familiar with composters because we had an old compost toilet that we had been using at our cottage since the 1980’s. We are very satisfied with our Excel unit. It works very well as long as you follow simple regular steps and install the unit according to the easy to follow instructions. Our model is for 2 to 4 people and we have found that it does the job we need it to do and does it well because we turn the drum as required and keep putting in the compost mix as required. We also find that it is helpful to the whole composting process to use low-waste toilet paper which decomposes easily. You just have to keep an eye on things to make sure the compost remains in balance…not too wet and not too dry. I would  recommend Sun Mar composting units where septic tanks or fields are not feasible or desirable.Hope this helps, and if you want to refer others I’d be willing to help out.”

Brian Johnstone
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

“For the last 20 years, we have lived off grid near Flin Flon, Manitoba. At the beginning, we knew very little about solar, so we weren’t sure where to start. Fortunately for us, we discovered Solar Solutions in Winnipeg and met with Tim and staff to discuss our project and determine how best to move forward based on our timelines and budget.

Our meeting set the stage for my wife and I to integrate solar into our off grid site so that we had a much better idea about what we were getting into. We were able to start small and over the years have been adding to our system as our family has grown and our need for energy has increased.  I keep going back to Solar Solutions because their advice is good and because they are always at the forefront of solar technology, helping me get the most out of my system.

Living off-grid is not for everyone… you have to be prepared to live within your energy limits.  Along with that you learn the true value of energy. Our kids grew up off grid, and were in the habit of turning off lights that were not needed, even in other people’s houses. They have learned so much growing up off-grid. We highly recommend Solar Solutions as their knowledge, products and services are great, and most importantly, as a client, you know you are getting honest information.”

Dale Wride & family
Flin Flon, Manitoba
Client since 1993

“11 years ago, my wife and I bought an island on Lake of the Woods. The island already had a Solar Solutions system on it which the former owner had installed about 10 years before that. So our system has been in operation for over 20 years! Our solar modules are original and we have since upgraded our inverter and batteries. Tim has done a great job providing service and educating us about solar and we highly recommend Solar Solutions to take care of your solar needs!”

Robert Dyck
Business Owners
Steinbach, Manitoba (Client Since 2002)

“I was skeptical about solar panels at first, but after doing some research, I decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! My energy bills have decreased significantly, and I feel good knowing that I am doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint. It’s a win for me and the planet.”

Sarah T.

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you briefly about our story dealing with solar systems. We built a cottage on Lake of the Woods. We are off of the grid, so solar was our only option. We had no knowledge about solar systems so we did some research over the internet but even this proved difficult to decipher all of the technical data.

So we, with our building plans in hand, started off to get quotes from three companies here in Winnipeg. After doing this we were even more confused than when we started. We ended up going wtih a company that told us their system would power everything in our cottage and event went on to say that his system would power a small town.

The system was installed but this was an adventure. The fellow they sent out to set up the panels had no idea which direction south was. The next fellow came to set up all of the other equipment. It was good that I was there as I supplied many tools and miscellaneous other items that I thought he should have had with him. Simple things like a level, screw drivers and if you can believe this, electrical tape. That’s like a carpenter showing up without his hammer. These were all warning signs of things to come.

During our first summer there, the sun shone non-stop and yet our generator ran at least twice a day. If it was cloudy it would run three or four times. Each time it would run for about four hours recharging the batteries. So much for powering a small town. All of our appliances are run off of propane. Two fridges, stove/oven, a tank less hot water heater and the furnace. The only electricity being used was for lights, a small sound system and ceiling fans.

During our first winter there, the first set of batteries froze and cracked. So if we wanted to go out, the generator had to run all the time. After a long battle he agreed to warranty the batteries. The only problem was that he replaced the damaged batteries with batteries used for golf carts. Next winter that set also froze and he told us we were on our own.

We then contacted Tim at Solar Solutions with our tail between our legs. He was incredibly gracious and he put together a solar system that now works. Our generator only starts now because we have to exercise it. We have gone three to four days of little or no sun and the generator still did not have to start.

If you want a solar system that works the first time, buy it from Solar Solutions. Looking back, Tim’s knowledge of solar energy far surpasses the other two companies we spoke with. His service work is also excellent. He comes out when he says he will and fixes the problem.”

Allan & Janet Fast
Business Owners
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Putting People and the Environment First™

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