Renewable Energy Systems
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Solar Power for your Off-Grid or Remote Location


house off-grid


1 - PV Array

2 - Sine Wave Inverter / Charger

3 - Special Storage Batteries

4 - (Optional) Back-up generator

5 - System Monitoring


Solar Solutions Off-Grid Energy Systems (like the example on the left) provide your home or cottage with AC power for efficient lighting, refrigeration and appliances.

Special batteries are used to store energy - providing you with reliable standby power and critical load support. A back-up generator can also be integrated into your Solar Solutions Off-Grid Energy System as an emergency back-up.

Solar Solutions -
we put power in your hands.

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Choosing the Solar Solutions Energy System that's right for you  



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Grid-Tie with Backup
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Remote / stand-alone with or without backup generator Utility interactive to reduce or net zero power needs Utility interactive with backup
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right for you.
Provides power in absence of utility grid
Offsets your energy demand from utility grid power during daylight hours N/A YES YES
Provides power to select loads during utility grid power outage


 Solar Panel Cottage

Going Off-Grid with your cottage or residence?
It's clean, quiet, reliable and cost-effective!



Independent Energy
Solar Solutions Off-Grid Energy Systems generate the power you need to be as self reliant as you want to be. Whether a seasonal use cottage on Lake of the Woods or a full time residence in Canada's North, Solar Solutions Off-Grid Engery Systems produce the power you need to live independently.


Invest in your future
Are you investing in the Lifetime Utility Payment Plan or your own future? Solar Solutions Off Grid Energy Systems increase the value of your home, cottage or commercial property, generate power to fit your lifestyle or business needs and provide predictable immediate and long term cost savings so you can invest in your retirement... helping the planet, saving you money and putting your money to work for you.

Experienced, full-service approach
Solar Solutions supplies and installs a full range of Off-Grid cottage, residential and commercial systems. Solar Solutions has over 25 years expertise in the Off-Grid market achieving optimal results in every climate zone around the world. We bring our knowledge, experience and extensive product line to every Solar Solution Energy System, ensuring you get the most value for your money.



Practical never looked so good
Thanks to advances in renewable energy technology, there has never been a better time to own a practical Solar Solutions Off-Grid Energy System to meet your family's or business needs.
Commercial or Residential
Ideal for home or business locations where utility grid power is not accessible, cost effective, reliable or desirable, a Solar Solutions Off-Grid Energy System generates power where and when you need it. Solar Solutions works together with you, your builder or architect to design turn-key building integrated systems.




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