Renewable Energy Systems
Design / Manufacture / Distribution

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Our History

Our beginnings are rooted in designing, manufacturing and distributing reliable and cost-effective off-grid renewable energy systems to thousands of clients locally, across Canada, and around the world.  In 1987, the idea of creating solar solutions to help move away from fossil fuel dependency and resource depletion and toward conservation and sustainability was realized.  Despite originating in a locale with some of the lowest electricity rates in the world, Solar Solutions Inc. founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada introduced renewable technology to local, regional and international markets.   The creation of Solar Solutions Inc. was an acknowledgment that we need to do things differently.

Since that beginning, our teams’ commitment to, and interest in renewable energy led to the development of a number of firsts in the solar industry.  From developing energy storage and electronics specifically suited to the solar industry, to the worlds’ first led street crossing signal, to Canada’s largest exported solar water pumping project and global award- winning BIPV projects, Solar Solutions has shaped the way we integrate solar energy into our world.  It is this same level of expertise, commitment to quality, service and innovation that Solar Solutions Inc. brings to your project.  

Today, Solar Solutions continues to set the standard and introduce new and innovative ways to integrate solar into our world.   Solar Solutions Inc. is central North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy systems with thousands of projects around the world leading the way toward independent energy, sustainability and a regenerative future.

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