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Featured Commercial Projects

Since 1990, Solar Solutions has worked on a variety of projects both locally and abroad. Here are a list of some project history and corporate accomplishments:

Opening a Design and Manufacturing Warehouse in Kenora, Ontario (2011)

  • Ontario Feed In Tariff programs attracts Solar Solutions to the opportunity for more Solar Energy projects in Ontario.



Sioux Narrows Interpretive Centre (2011)

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic + Heat designed and installed by Solar Solutions

Transcona Biz LED Street Lighting (2011)

  • Grid-tied highly efficient lighting
  • Powered by solar and wind energy
  • Designed, manufactured, and installed in Winnipeg
  • Designed with banners to showcase local art

Major Projects (2006-2010)

  • Provincial Park Solar Hot Water Heating 2010
  • Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation - Equilibrium House 2009-10
  • Ecotourism Lodge 2009-10
  • Billboards - Solar Powered LED Lighting 2009 
  • Argyle school Wind and Solar Educational 2008
  • Churchchill National Park Canada Economad 2007-08
  • Solar Power projects in hospitals and schools in Nigeria 2006-08

Red River College (2002)

  • Placed 5th in the World Environment Building Competition in Oslo, Norway.
  • Solar Solutions designed and supplied all the electronic components for Canada’s largest building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) project.

FortWhyte Alive Climate Change Station (2002)

  • An integrated wind and solar powered system for environmental education and student research purposes

University of Manitoba - Bus Shelter Research Project (2001)

  • Heating and lighting system designed and supplied for a research bus shelter
  • Radiant heating in floor and bench, stand alone ventilation and LED lighting system create an energy efficient combination

Mountain Equipment Co-op – The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Retail Outlet (2001)

  • Solar powered water pumping equipment for a roof top garden
  • Fans for air desertification

International Airport Sign Lighting Project (2000)

  • Solar lighting for year-round airport signage
  • Set the standard for sign lighting across North America!

Eco Nomad Design Assistance (2000)

  • Eco Nomad, a self sustaining supply of energy and resources to provide plug-in capability for interim or long-term housing anywhere in the world
  • An important natural disaster relief shelter

Solar Energy System Design Training Program in Indonesia (2000)

  • Business consulting and solar system training to solar companies based in Indonesia
  • This project was initiated by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Manitoba Autonomous Sustainable Home (MASH) (1999)

  • Private residence built to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Manitoba’s first utility interactive PV system and natural waste treatment system
  • Built by Solar Solutions’ President/CEO

Trans Canada Trail and Tourist Information Signage (1998)

  • High efficiency LED sign lighting
  • Used for trail signage and border crossing sites across Canada

Solar Water Pumping Project in Ghana, Africa (1996-1997)

  • Canada’s largest exported solar water pumping system
  • Project initiated by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • Large scale project managed by Solar Solutions Inc.
  • Entailed the design, supply, and installation of solar water pumping systems for several communities in Ghana
  • Successful in exceeding previous world records for the amount of cubic meters of water pumped per day

First Place Sustainable Development Award – Environmental Business Category (1994)

  • Award presented by the Manitoba Round Table on Environment & Economy

Invented High Efficiency Traffic Signals (Pedestrian LED signal lights) (1990-1992)

  • Researched, designed, manufactured and assembled high efficiency traffic signals
  • So highly efficient that they reduced the power draw to 1/20th of the original
  • This invention boasts a success rate of: no known failures
  • For use in major intersections in urban areas
  • Due to their longevity they have shown to reduce the cost of labour/maintenance on changing burnt out lights

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