Renewable Energy Systems
Design / Manufacture / Distribution

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Solar Solutions specializes in renewable energy system design, manufacture, supply and distribution.

Solar Solutions Inc. manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of renewable energy systems and products along with energy conservation devices to minimize total project capital costs and maximize technological and systemic efficiencies.

Our expertise in Photovoltaics and Power Conversion Devices, coupled with our comprehensive line of Conservation Devices ensures that you receive the greatest value possible from your system purchase.

Solar Solutions Inc. team of professionals provide a full service approach to projects that ensures our clients receive the maximum benefits from their systems through system design, product selection, and performance optimization. We have designed, supplied, installed and fully commissioned large commercial and industrial systems, achieving optimal results in every climate zone including polar, tropical, dry and mid-latitude.

Solar Solutions has a wide variety of long life, non-consumable renewable energy products:

  • Pre-designed, assembled and tested Solar Electric Power Systems (Grid-tie, Grid-tie with back-up power, Stand-Alone and Stand-Alone Hybrid Diesel and Wind Generation)

  • Energy efficient, long life LED lighting fixtures

  • Solar and wind powered LED street lights and highway light standards

  • Waste and water treatment systems

  • Solar electric water pumping systems

  • Solar thermal domestic and commercial water heating systems

  • Solar thermal domestic and commercial heating systems

  • Solar refrigeration and cooling systems

  • Building integrated photovoltaic power and preheating systems

  • LED sign and Billboard lighting systems

  • LED Traffic and Airport lighting systems

  • Wind Generators, grid-tied and stand-alone power systems


Solar Solutions Inc. central North Americas largest manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy systems and related products and celebrates over 35 years in business!

Our head office is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a design office is located in Kenora, Ontario with warehouses in Kenora, ON, Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC Canada.

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